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PCS Powder

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PCS powder, which is made by grinding selected coconut shells, is a unique product for buffering glass plates, and it has been used for many years by major Japanese glass manufacturers.

Advantages of PCS powder

Inhibition of weathering

Inhibition of weathering
· Weathering is inhibited by maintaining about pH 6.

· Due to 100% natural ingredients, there is no chemical residue.

Cost saving and high efficiency

· A small amount of PCS powder dispersed on a glass plate allows us to get a buffer effect. (Dispersed amount: about 0.2 g/m2)

· Due to its powder form, it is easier to secure storage space compared to conventional buffer materials in various shapes and thus it is able to simplify the management of each inventory. 


· PCS powder returns to the soil because of biodegradability.

· It is able to be easily washed out and burned.

· There is no need for special wastewater treatment equipment.

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