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 Stretch Film 

M STRETCH film is a cast pallet wrapping film made from a special Mettalocene Octene based LLDPE resin.

 Steel Pipes And Tubes 
 Steel Materials 

Steel pipes (for mechanical structure, general structure, piping, etc.)

Steel materials (cold finished steel bars, flat bars, various general steel materials)

 Steel Strapping & Steel Seals 
The high quality material used for our Steel Strap and Steel seal guarantee high tensile strength and sealing strength.
 Pneumatic Strapping Tool 

The variety of tools are available according to type of steel strap, PET band and working environment.

User-friendly manual and pneumatic strapping tool which gives you high efficiency and productivity.


 Glass Interleaving Paper 

Glass interleaving paper is a paper sheet having a buffer effect which is placed between glass plates so as to prevent scratches when piling glass plates.  Glass is used for various purposes, for example, for houses, vehicles, and liquid crystal and we cut and provide the interleaving paper sheets appropriate for the purposes according to various sizes of glass plates for our customers.

​ PCS Powder 

PCS powder is a buffer material for glass which is made from powdered coconut shells by our original method.

Compared to interleaving papers and synthetic resin powders conventionally used as buffer materials, PCS powder has the advantages of no weathering, cost saving due to labor saving in inventory control, etc.  The powder is an environment-friendly eco-product because its ingredients are biodegradable and 100% natural.

​ EFB Molded Tray 

This is molded pulp packaging tray made by EFB  (Empty Fruit Bunch) of Palm.  This is a 100% biodegradable and natural product for environmental friendly product, developed as substitutes of plastic product, which has been causing a serious plastic waste problem on a global scale.  


​ Disposable products 

Disposable products are used for general work.

We provide that products, gown, apron, and gloves

according to your tasks. 

In addition to the above, we will introduce a wide variety of products at your request.

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